Terms and conditions

  • When we develop a large application for you, there will be a contract between us on the terms and conditions of the deal. The contract will be in Arabic except for the technical idioms that will be in English.
  • When we develop an application for you, you will be the user not the owner. That means you will be buying from us a license for a number of user to use our product which we developed for you.
  • You can't let a number of users greater than the licensed number use the application. You can't sell the application. You can't transfer the license without our permission. You may buy extra license for more users.
  • You may not ask another company to modify the application for you. We will do any required modifications for you and charge you for that.
  • We may not resell the same product to other customers if it contains informations about you or your customized business logic but we may develop a similar application to another customer if he asked us and gave us his own requirements and business logic.
  • Our pricing is not constant, we may give a discount to any customer while not giving a discount to another customer or charge a customer more fees for extra features.
  • All payments will be in EGP or USD according to the contract.
  • We will sell you a software not a hardware, so if you need hardware you need to buy it yourself. We may buy the hardware for you for extra fees. We will always tell you the minimum requirements for the software that we give you.