Software Solutions

We offer custom software solutions based on customer requirements. We focus on problem solving and we are interested in solving any business or nonbusiness problems and in meeting customer needs and expectations. We also offer a free one year support and a maintenance contract option after the support. We choose the most suitable technology and tools for the custom application as we are experienced with many programming languages and technologies. See Solutions for other options

Mobile Applications

Android is one of the most famous mobile platform and covers a large number of users and can run on many different devices from different vendors and with different form-factors. That's why we love Android and we are planning to release many free android apps that support all form factors and more than 80% of android devices.

Web Design

We design websites with good user interface. We are concerned with performance, usability, quality of content, and search engine optimization. We offer domain name registeration from and website hosting and VPS deployment options from Digitalocean. We use Middleman and Semantic UI and we follow the best design patterns to ensure the scalability and reliability of the website. We also use Pagespeed on Nginx Web Server to optimize and speedup the website. We also offer a one year support.