Android Face cartoonizer

An android application that lets you select a picture from gallery or any other source or take a picture directly from camera, then apply cartooning effect on it. This application best suite human faces but can also be used for random picture.

This application is written in android sdk and use renderscript for high performance image processing and apply bilateral blur and edge detection among other algorithms to give the effect.

Future plans will include adding other effects and features.

Android Tabletop RPG Calculator

An android application that will help you to calculate for a tabletop rpg ...

Android Camera PDF Generator

An android application that allows you to take text pictures from camera and generate an output PDF file with numbered pages and enhanced contrast.

It is very useful when scanning books or any other text content and you need to enhance the contrast and relate the pictures to each other for future readability.

By enhancing contrast the dark background will be lighter and the text will be darker. This will be also useful for printing later.