About Us

Who we are?

We are a new software company. We target small and medium business. We offer high quality web design and web hosting, vps, domain name registration and web-mail, mobile applications, inventory systems, sales systems, purchases systems, manufacturing systems, payroll systems, financial and accounting systems, CRM, SFA, CMS, Blog applications and even full ERP and custom software.

We have open source softwares ready to use out of the box and custom software tailored for the customer needs.

We started in 2015. We are located in Alexandria, Egypt. We focus on code quality and client satisfaction.

Tools & Technologies

We choose the right tool for the task.

Operating System Ubuntu Server, Debian
Database PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySql
ERP Systems Odoo ERP
Mobile Development Android
Text Editors Bracket, vim
Programming Languages Ruby, PHP, C#, Python
Web Design HTML, CSS3, LESS, SCSS, Javascript, CoffeeScript
Frameworks Ruby On Rails, Middleman, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, MVC 5
Version Control Git, gitlab
Hosting, Domain Name And Webmail VPS, gandi.net, Digitalocean

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming is our methodology and is one of the best. By employing Extreme Programming we ensure that you get results fast and that we can finish the project instead of canceling it. Extreme Programming defies the old school Waterfall Model which required very long time and more effort.

In Extreme Programming we decide what is the most important feature and we finish it first then ask about what is next. Each feature is implemented in an iteration in which we deploy the Waterfall Model on the scale of the feature. It is like the divide and conquer idea.